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Brandon Marsh Wife: Bio, Wiki, and All about her

Brandon Marsh is a professional baseball player who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies in the MLB. He is unmarried and has no wife, but he is reportedly engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Kaitlyn Pavey. Kaitlyn is a former softball player, an exercise science graduate, and a motivational speaker.

She was born with one arm and has overcome many challenges in her life. She is an inspiration to many people, especially young athletes. Here is a short biography of Kaitlyn Pavey, the fiancee of Brandon Marsh.

Brandon Marsh’s Wife All About

Kaitlyn Pavey was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 23, 1996. She was born with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which caused her to have only one arm. She also had a cleft lip and palate, which required several surgeries. Despite these difficulties, Kaitlyn never gave up on her dreams. She grew up playing softball and basketball and excelled in both sports. She was a star pitcher and hitter for her high school team, Lanesville High School, and helped them win two state championships. She also played basketball for four years and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Kaitlyn received a scholarship to play softball at the University of Southern Indiana, where she majored in exercise science. She graduated in 2019 and became a certified personal trainer. She also started working as a motivational speaker, sharing her story and encouraging others to overcome their obstacles. She has spoken at schools, churches, camps, and conferences nationwide. She has also been featured in several media outlets, such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and The Today Show.

Kaitlyn met Brandon Marsh through a mutual friend in 2018. They hit it off and started dating soon after. They have been together for over five years and support each other’s careers. They got engaged in 2021 and are planning to get married soon. They currently live in Georgia with their two dogs, Cooper and Tucker. They enjoy traveling, hiking, and spending time with their families and friends. They are also involved in various charitable causes, such as the Miracle League, which allows children with disabilities to play baseball. They are a happy and loving couple looking forward to their future together.


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