Practice What You Preach – Be a Role Model as a Sports Coach

As a sports coach, you may think that your job is to teach sports but your students actually pick up on much more (especially when younger!). Your behavior and actions set the tone for your team. So, practice what you preach and be a role model – after all, you’re the MVP of shaping both skills and character.

Being a role model means you gotta walk the talk. Carry the virtues you talk about rather than doing the opposite – honesty, respect, discipline, and a little bit of hustle. These qualities aren’t just for the field, but for their everyday lives too. If you don’t show them, they won’t either.

Lead by example and show your players the art of being a good sport. Even the best sports teams in sporting history lost every so often. Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory, and watch them follow suit. Celebrate their efforts, not just their wins or losses. Game on.

As a coach, make a difference with your positivity. Your players will see you as their guiding light, especially during tough games or moments of defeat. You could slam your clipboard to the ground and shout at the referee, or you could show a better example to your players. Don’t act in a way that you’ll regret when you’re sitting with family around the dinner table that evening.

Being a role model means being accountable for your actions, even when you mess up. Own your mistakes, apologize if needed, and show your players that it’s alright to stumble along the way. After all, personal growth and development thrive when we take responsibility with a touch of wit.

As a coach, it’s not just about giving clear instructions and listening to your players – you’ve got to be the master of communication. Show off your skills by being the MVP of empathy and building a positive and trusting relationship with your team. Game on.

Leading by example in sportsmanship is crucial. Treat opponents, officials, and teammates with respect and fairness, and remind your players that the game is more than just winning (if you don’t believe it, consider why you’re in sports coaching to start with). It’s about playing with integrity and sportsmanship, because being a good sport is always a winning move.

You turn up to practice with McDonald’s bags hanging out of every car window, how do you think this goes down when you’ve been berating them about healthy eating? Being a role model means walking the talk, even off the field. So, besides dominating the game, remember to rock a healthy lifestyle and make choices that make others go, “Wow, this person’s got it all!”

Being a role model isn’t just about being awesome, it’s about always leveling up. Take courses, attend workshops, and boost those coaching skills with resources like Your dedication to personal growth will ignite your players’ desire for the same. Let’s all rise together.

Being a role model as a sports coach is like juggling flaming tennis balls – not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be consistent, both on and off the field, practicing what you preach. By being a positive influence, we can shape our team’s skills, character, and values. So, let’s lead by example and show them how it’s done – we’re the MVPs of role models!


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